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Hi! It’s Amne and I’m the creator of BYAMNE. I’m in love with bare skin, beautiful words, creative design and elixirs and potions in pretty vials.

I started blogging after going through a major change in my life. I wanted BYAMNE to become a safe creative place, to inspire and be inspired and connect with the outside world. I want to share my creativity, words and self-care journey with you.

I believe beauty, both inside and out, comes from being one’s authentic self. Join me as I explore the meaning of true beauty through self-care.

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Bonus: Here are some fun facts about my blog name.

BYAMNE. [by-ahm-neh] noun.

  1. a hybrid or portmanteau of BY-NAME, meaning nickname; and AMNE, a variation of my first name, meaning honest, safe, trustworthy.
  2. using BY as a preposition for the name/noun AMNE.
  3. coincidentally, AMNE is an anagram of NAME in the word by-name.

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